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Gradicus is a grading, planning, and reporting system for schools, made simple. Centrally managed, it takes much of the work off of the teachers, allowing them to focus more on what is important, teaching the children.


The teacher's planning module consolidates all planning into one location, accessible from anywhere. Add notes, worksheets, links, photos, and so on, all available with a click. At the end of the school year, transfer your plans to the next school year and most of the planning work for that year is already done. Simply refine.

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For teachers, all they have to do is create their roster once at the beginning of the year from the list of available students. After that, simply enter grades and comments. That's it. Very little training or learning needed to make full use of Gradicus.

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Report cards and interim reports print out with the school logo and all the grades and comments as you would expect, without any fuss. A variety of options are available.

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Centrally Managed

Designed specifically for Classical Schools, creating classes, grade scales, grade weighting, and reporting are all done by your SchoolClassics administrators. This ensures consistency of application throughout your school.

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Photos by Carolina Hidalgo

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